Belfort Honey Porcelain Floor-Wall Tile

REF 123012711
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Ribbon-like design with grains inspired by walnut wood, with tonal variations between light and dark honey, very balanced, this being a highly valued feature for its aesthetic richness and naturalness. Its microstructure, subtle relief on the surface allows it to resemble very realistically to the natural wood, copying exactly the veins of the design. *Product not rectified. Installation recommendation: 25% offset. Ultra-resistant to shocks, stains, scratches and humidity, matte and 9.4X47.2 inches format, ideal for General Commercial use.
Color: Honey
  • Product made in Colombia.
  • Highly durable against bumps, wear, scratches, stains, abrasion and humidity.
  • Easy to clean, no maintenance costs.
  • It is anti-allergic and aseptic thanks to its waterproof surface, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
  • High resistance to different disinfectant or cleaning agents.
  • It doesn´t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause a wide variety of health problems.
  • Environmentally friendly due to its manufacture with natural, recyclable and renewable materials.
  • It meets all the standards and requirements to be declared 100% Porcelain.

Product info

The Belfort Porcelain Tile in Matte finish, Honey color, 9.4X47.2 In. format, with a grain design inspired by Walnut wood, with very balanced tonal variations between light and dark, this being a feature highly valued for its aesthetic richness and its naturalness. Its microstructure and matte finish allows it to resemble natural wood very realistically. *Product not rectified. Recommended for installation: offset 25%. Ideal for General Commercial use. It has seven (7) faces being a multi-tone (MT) product, with subtle tones and differences between one piece and another to give greater realism and naturalness to the product. Ultra-resistant to shocks, scratches, stains and humidity, it also has Digital Printing technology (HIGH DEFINITION HD).

Downloadable Content
Technologies HD
Finish matte
PEI Rating 4
Size 9.4X47.2
Sq. Ft Per carton 15.5 in
Pieces Per carton 5 pieces
Packing Unit BOX
Height 47.2 in
Length 9.4 in
Thickness 10.2 mm a 10.8 mm
Shade Variation 4
Breaking Strength Minimum 35 N/mm2
Guarantee 12


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